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North Korea Add-ons

Want to see more of North Korea? Try one of our North Korea Add-On tours below

Overnight in Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

We have recently opened up a new and exciting extension to stay overnight in Sinuiju! This extension can only be used coming from Pyongyang on the train back into China. So after completing your DPRK tour in Pyongyang, why not stop off in the quiet town of Sinuiju and Dongrim and explore more of the North Korean life outside of Pyongyang?

Day trip to Sinuiju Tour (North Korea)

If you’re short on time or money but want to see the Hermit Kingdom for yourself, the DPRK border town of Sinuiju is perfect for a 1 day action-packed tour, featuring the local folk custom park, museums, lunch (with optional KTV) and an incredible kindergarten performance by some of the Mass Games’ best young gymnasts!

Dandong Tour (China)

The Chinese border town, Dandong, is a great city to pre-empt your Sinuiju or DPRK extension. Here you’ll visit the famous broken Friendship Bridge, a DPRKorean restaurant (with performance), the fantastically-named ‘War to Resist US Aggression and Aid North Korea’ Museum, and watch daily life of villagers over the Yalu River from the Great Wall itself.

Dandong & Sinuiju Tour (China and North Korea)

Be daring and explore both towns on either side of the Sino-China border! This two day action packed tour will squeeze in all the must see sights from both North Korea and China. This is your chance to experience and hear the two different stories of the Korean War within a mile of each other!

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Every extension (excluding overnight in Sinuiju) can be combined with most of our DPRK tours or booked as a standalone! Please contact us for more information on the extensions .