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Nauru Soccer Federation Annouce Sponsorship

A group and movement YPT are much part of, the Nauru Soccer Federation have today announced that they have not only got a kit sponsor, but also someone to actually make the shirts for them.

So, does Nauru actually have a football team and what the hell does it have to do with YPT?

Football in Nauru

To put it mildly Football in Nauru was non-existent and to an extent still is, but that is about to change, at least if Gareth Johnson of YPT has anything to do with it.

Let December Gareth shook hands with a local official and the Nauru Soccer Federation was founded. Its core aims are to not only promote the sport, but also lead it one day into the OFC, FIFA and who knows? Maybe even the World Cup.

You can read about non FIFA UN nations here.

What has been agreed?

The NSF have agreed a deal with UK kit manufacturer STINGZ who will create everything from home, away and goalkeeper shirts, to official tracksuits, coaches polo’s and everything in between.

And to top it all off these will be funded by leading Hong Kongese and international fashion brand Giordano who will also act as the official sponsor of the Nauru national football team.

And YPT who already run tours to Nauru are planning to be there front and center, not only with regards to selling the shirt, but also running a tour that will coincide with their very first international.

This something we are very happy to do, with us having seen many changes over the 7 years we have been running tours to this country with such a unique history.

The kits and indeed logo have not yet been announced, but it is certainly something YPT will be keeping and eye on.

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