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Myanmar: Southeast Asia’s Newest hotspot!

Out of years of despotic rule, Myanmar is quickly blossoming into one of the best tourist attractions in Asia. With amazing history, both ancient and modern, Southeast Asia’s largest country has endless space to waiting to be explored!


Yangon, the main city and former capital is a melting pot of culture with some of the best food you can find in Southeast Asia. If history is your thing then you will love this humid and dusty city. The Shwedagon pagoda, the world’s largest of its kind overshadows everything in the city during the day and night when it is lit up. Shining like a giant golden beacon, this centuries-old monument looks unbelievable especially when lit up at night. It’s definitely best viewed from the sky bar with a beer at sunset, this also makes for an awesome introduction into one of my personal favourite countries in the region.

Shining like a giant golden beacon, this centuries-old monument looks unbelievable especially when lit up at night.

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Enjoying the peaceful sunset

So, what makes Myanmar so awesome? Well, tourist numbers are still low compared to that of the neighbouring tourist meccas of Thailand and Cambodia. This means people are more curious, there’s fewer scams and you’ll often have many monuments to yourselves if you get off the beaten path enough. Monuments aside, the natural beauty ofthis country is unbelievable! From snow-capped peaks that reach over 5000m in the north to sprawling rainforests and white sand beaches, Myanmar doesn’t disappoint.

Where is the best place to go? After flying in an exploring Yangon, make your way north to Bagan to see one of the world’s largest temple complex on the banks of the Irrawady river. Endless temples which you can explore all by yourself. Come for sunrise and sunset for some postcard perfect viewing! From Bagan, head north to Mandalay which is your gateway to the northern areas.

What other things make Myanmar appealing? Well, the price!

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Unmissable is also Inle lake, located in Shan state. This lake offers amazing scenery and is also a great way to experience local culture by staying with a local family on the lake. This is where YPT will spend Christmas this year with a wine in hand watching the sunset over the amazing backdrop of mountains and rice paddies.

What other things make Myanmar appealing? Well, price! Eating and drinking with locals mean that you’ll barely spend a cent on food. The only thing that may set you back a bit more is accommodation. As it is still relatively new to tourism, Myanmar, even in Yangon doesn’t boast the amazing and cheap hostels you find in Bangkok or Vietnam.

Transport is also amazingly efficient and comfortable. Local airlines and sleeper buses are surprisingly comfortable and are certainly way better than anything you may have seen elsewhere (particularly China).

The best way to see the country is in a group. While travel on your lonesome is sometimes great, in a place where you might not meet many travellers it’s great to go in a group and it’s also a great way to cut down on prices, especially accommodation!

If you’re still looking for somewhere to go this Christmas break and want something a bit different with a break from the cold?

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