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Let’s buy an island – from dreams to reality

Let’s buy an island? Why not? Private islands have traditionally been the domain of super-rich oil magnates and dilettantes – or so it has always been though. Over a decade ago, a group of like-minded people sat down and asked the question: what if average Joes could pool their resources and buy an island? More than that, what if it was more than simply a private island – what if it was a fully functioning nation, with its own laws and government?

Let’s buy an island – like for real

Thus was born the ‘let’s buy an island’ project. And now, a decade later, the unique crowd-sourced initiative is nearing actualisation. Several key government officials have already been assigned their posts, including Prime Minister Designate Jodie Hill and Head of State Marshall Meyer.

Let’s buy an island
Baker’s Rendezvous, Belize

“If we’re going to be in charge of our own island, let’s really make it stand for something,” says Mr. Meyer. “That’s why our island is going to come with its own rules, constitution, and system of government – with all major decisions being made democratically by each and every one of us that has invested in the dream.”

You can still own part of the island

And it’s not too late to invest in the dream – though the project almost has the required number of investors, there are still a number of investment places left. And investment comes with the opportunity to shape the laws and governmental policies of the new nation (within the laws of the host nation, of course), and there is even the opportunity to become a lord/lady of the nation.

Mannion Island, Republic of Ireland

Don’t let the use of noble titles fool you, however; the newly minted nation will be a fully functioning democracy, explains Prime Minister Designate Jodie Hill:

“As well as a financially sustainable business venture, we want our island to represent a fresh opportunity to examine democratic values and take a stand for them. That’s why we’re opening up the investment opportunity to people outside of our existing networks – a true democracy requires diversity of thought and people to thrive, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to attract.”

The dream has never been closer to becoming reality – with investors now under the aegis of a Cayman Island corporation and a number of islands having been scouted by members of the board, it is projected that an island will have been chosen by 2019.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the dream – visit today and buy your slice of paradise.

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