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Koryolink Allowing Visitors To Use Their Own Phones in the DPRK

YPT have confirmed that tourists and visitors to the DPRK will now be able to use their own cellphones while in country. More over we have prices! By purchasing a Koryolink simcard (available at the airport for now and hopefully soon at foreigner hotels) You’ll be able to make international calls from North Korea. Local calls are still not available for non Korean citizens.

There are three options for simcard use:

1.       Purchase: These cards will be valid indefinitely so can be used for repeat visits. The cost for these will be 50 euro with no pre paid call money included.

2.       2 Week “rental”: Again costing 50 euro these cards can be used for two weeks before they become invalid. They include 30 euro of prepaid service.

3.       One month rentals: These cost 75 euro and include 55 euro of prepaid service.

Call rates:

China and South East Asia- 1.43 Euro a minute

Russia- 0.68 Euro a minute

France and Switzerland- 0.38 Euro a minute

UK and Germany- 1.58 Euro a minute

Other rates including the U.S have yet to be confirmed

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