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Khmer New Year Water Fights

At YPT we most famously deal in Dark Tourism and taking you to places where your mother would rather you stayed away from. There are though some exceptions, with Khmer New Year Water Fights being such a thing!

So, why do we indulge in Khmer New Year water fights? Well the answer is two fold. Firstly it comes right after our Dark Tourism tour, but also because it is a whole heap of fun.

What the Khmer New Year?

Khmer New Year is what Cambodians call their new year – in case you are wondering Cambodians refer to themeless as Khmer and their country as Kampuchea. Alas since a certain Pol Pot and Democratic Kampuchea Cambodia and Cambodian are more commonly used in an English sense.

Said new year is related to Buddhism and also practiced in Thailand, as well as Myanmar. In fact YPT have a tour for the water festival in Myanmar.

The Khmer New Year lasts for 3 days, usually April 13-14-15, although it can be 14-15-16 too. General themes are families getting together and in modern times water fights.

Why water fights?

Khmer New Year water fights started off somewhat more subdued, but one might argue have been corrupted by a little western influence. This means that rather than getting splashed with water a ;little now you get totally drenched!

And the best news is that you can do this throughout Cambodia and indeed South-East Asia, but the best place to do it is in Siem Reap.

Why are Khmer New Year Water Fights in Siem Reap the best? Quite simply location, ,location, location! Most towns such as Phnom Penh empty the cities as people go hime, but in Siem Reap this is the behest tourist event of the year.

As such biota locals and tourists take things very seriously. Young kids, or dare we say young pioneers form gangs who patrol their streets smoking anyone that venture past, while the center become carnival like war zone.

This has tens of thousands of people liter Pub Street and the Riverside while throwing powder onto peoples faces and going water gun and water crazy.

At YPT we truly enjoy events and the Khmer New Year water fights are one of there best events that we have personally ever attended.

We also wanted to make it that bot easier for you by YPT doing all the essential research for your trip. This involved Gareth and Morgan quite literally Khmer New Year water fighting for three straight days. This means if nothing else we have the tactics and know where to buy the best guns.

To top it all off the city remains open with you restaurants and bars all remain open. And were that not enough then this tour can recombined with another freak event the Cutud Lenten Rites Festival and Easter in the Philippines, to truly create the perfect two week jaunt….

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