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Is it safe for females in Socotra? – 2024

Is it safe for females to travel to Socotra, in short yes it is, but there are precautions that should be taken, as well as cultural norms that should be followed. 

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What is the backstory to Socotra

An island off of the African and Yemeni coast it was once part of the British empire, briefly a monarchy before becoming part of the Marxist-Leninist Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen).

This long period of communist rule meant that the area avoided many of the excesses of Islam that are currently affecting Yemen, particularly with regards to womens rights.

Following the unification of Yemen the country as a whole has embraced Islam more and this includes Socotra.

Is it safe for females in Socotra

Socotra is generally a very safe place for everyone, particularly since it has come under the watchful eye of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  There is very little crime here and as it has been very sheltered from the civil war in Yemen.

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As with anywhere though due diligence should be done and females or others should do not go walking down dark alleys, or flashing displays of wealth. 

How should women dress in Socotra?

While there is no strict dress code for women dressing modesty in the capital is advised, while normal etiquette should be adhered to in mosques for example. 

With that being said though you will spend a lot of time on the beach and within reason anything goes, with shorts and the like being ok for when we are touring. And yes you can swim in a bikini in those icy blue waters that polarise us.

Overall though Socotra is a great place for females to travel to and a large amount of our guests on our tours tend to be females.

What about trans-women and trans travellers to Socotra?

The Middle-East tends to be much more conservative than other parts of the world and this includes with regards to LGTBQ+ rights and those afforded to the trans-community. While things here are generally OK, we do suggest that you discuss your situation with us before traveling. 

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