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How to get from Ireland to North Korea

With the utmost excitement regarding another year of Young Pioneer Tours being the only company to celebrate St Patricks Day in North Korea, we have decided to compile an article detailing the best way to travel from Ireland (north and south) to the DPRK.

Obviously, for a subject like this, there is the easy answer (duh), but we have decided to throw a few curveballs into there, just to make it fun.

Flights from Dublin to Beijing

There are numerous direct flights from Dublin to Beijing, as well as connecting flights through Dubai, and a whole host of other places.

Flying from Belfast to Beijing

There are fewer direct flights from Belfast to Beijing, but many via connecting flights.

There are currently no flights from Dublin or Belfast to North Korea.


There are a few different options if you want to go overland from Ireland to North Korea, although at least one boat will be required.

Ferry from Belfast to Liverpool – This overnight ferry is great fun and drops you into central Liverpool. From Liverpool, you could either take the train directly to the south of England or transfer to Wigan. We hear travelling from Wigan to North Korea is a thing.

London – Paris via the Eurostar – Quick efficient, and gets you to Paris where you can enjoy a quick Kia Royal and a baguette, before carrying on.

Paris to Moscow – It is 2000-odd miles from Paris to Moscow by train, and it takes almost 40 hours, but it is direct, and you get to pass through some rather lovely scenery!

Moscow to Beijing – Simply grab a bed on the Trans Mongolian railway, and leisurely spend the next six days ruling your way into Beijing. We have written a lot about this journey

Beijing – Pyongyang – We give you your visa, you jump on the K27 service from Beijing to Pyongyang, and boom, the job is done.

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