Young Pioneer Tours


Do I need to apply for a visa?


For the most part, yes. The vast majority of travellers can get the visa on arrival if flying in. You can apply for an e-visa online here or we can apply for a visa code for you. You then take this code with you when you fly and present it on arrival.

Americans, British and Canadians must apply for a visa in advance.


If you are holding passports from the EU, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand you do not need a visa for Iraqi Kurdistan. If you are from any other country get in touch and we’ll help you apply for a visa.

Is it safe?

Both Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan are incredibly safe and peaceful lands in a sadly troubled region. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming to foreigners. In Kurdistan, we never stray over the Kurdish/Iraqi boundary.

I have an Israeli stamp in my passport, can I travel?

You cannot travel to Iran but Kurdistan is fine.

What currency should I bring?

For both countries, it’s best to have plenty of cash in USD or Euro. Your ATM card will not work in Iran.

If I want a single room, how much extra is it?

€200 in Iran and €240 in Kurdistan.

Can you arrange an airport pick up for me?

Yes, we can arrange this at an extra cost of €40 each way

Should I tip?

It’s customary to tip the local guide at the end of the tour in both countries. Your tour leader will organize a collection.

Is it dry?

Iran is very dry but we have been known to attend the odd underground house party flush with local “vodka”.

Kurdistan is most definitely NOT dry. Whist bars are few are far between outside of Erbil, liquor stores are in every town and city.