Young Pioneer Tours


Do I need a visa?

Almost everyone needs a visa for Eritrea and Somaliland, but we can provide assistance with securing letters of invitation to be used for visa on arrival or for getting a visa in one of the embassies or interest sections around the world. Currently, if your country of residence does not have a Eritrean Embassy, you might be able to get a visa on arrival. You will still need a letter of invitation. Get in touch with us!

Where does the tour start and finish?

The Somaliland Independence Day Tour starts and finishes in Hargeisa, and the Eritrea National Day tour starts and finishes in Asmara. We also offer travel between the two countries on the combo tour, where we will fly via Dubai.

Where can I fly from to Eritrea or Somaliland?

To Asmara in Eritrea you can fly from Addis Ababa, Dubai, Cairo, Jeddah, Khartoum, Doha and Istanbul, but generally the best deals can be found via Dubai and Addis.

To Hargeisa in Somaliland you can fly from Djibouti, Cairo, Nairobi, Jeddah, Addis Ababa, Sanaa or Dubai, which is the option we recommend.

Can I withdraw money in Eritrea and Somaliland?

No, there are no international ATMs in Eritrea or Somaliland, you should bring enough Euros or US dollars with you to Eritrea, and in Somaliland only US dollars will be accepted.

I am a woman; do I have to wear a headscarf?

No, clothing is generally quite relaxed in both Eritrea and Somaliland but we recommend not wearing anything too short and keeping shoulders covered. When we go swimming in Somaliland women will be required to wear long clothing over swimwear.