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Important Papers To Prepare Before Abroad Trip

As countries slowly reopen their borders and more people embark on long-haul flights, we seem to slowly be emerging from the aftermath of the travel bans of 2020 and 2021. Many were left stranded in their flats and houses (if they were lucky), so now they are desirous of traveling and changing the scenery. After all, a mimosa definitely tastes better by the seaside than in a big city.

How To Travel in the New Normality

However, it seems that just two years were enough to completely forget how to travel. The number of instances in airports when people try to take forbidden items on a plane has risen significantly after the lockdown, and so has the rate of passengers who forget their most essential items, such as their passport, at home. To make sure this does not happen to you, check out our list of important papers to prepare before an abroad trip:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Passport
  3. Travel Visa
  4. COVID-19 Travel Docs
  5. Travel Healthcare Insurance
  6. Travel Insurance Plan
  7. Travel Itinerary
  8. Copies of All documents

Driver’s License

The golden standard in the USA, the driver’s license, is a great ID document, especially if it has a photo of you, in many foreign countries. Make sure that you have your passport close by, just in case you need it. Of course, unless you fly domestic, a driver’s license simply is not enough.


Your passport is the key that unlocks many borders to you. Before traveling, make sure to check the local regulations. Some countries may ask you to present a translation of your passport as well. This is a purely bureaucratic incident, but in case you do travel to a country that your passport has not been translated to, check out IsAccurate and use one of their translators. Make sure to ask for a sworn translator.

Travel Visa

Many countries require a visa for any foreign citizens who would like to cross their borders. Some countries will also ask you for a transit visa, even if you only switch planes in a single airport in that country. Always make sure you have understood the visa requirements for your country.

COVID-19 Travel Docs

The new normality unfortunately means new rules as well. COVID-19 travel documents or the ‘green pass’ as some countries call it is a necessary document for traveling to many foreign countries. Although it may not have a standard form, having it is much better than not having it.

Travel Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare insurance for travelers is another very important document to have. Seasonal flu, different exotic viruses and injuries all lurk when you travel and Murphy’s law says that if anything can go bad, it will go bad. So make sure you are insured before leaving your country.

Travel Insurance Plan

Your travel insurance plan is another form of document you may need. This kind of insurance names and protects all your belongings. If anything gets stolen, you’re protected, you’ll get your money back.

Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary is also very important. Although this is not an official document, some border patrol officers may ask you for it. This is simply proof that you are visiting a country for tourist reasons. The USA Domestic Homeland Security officers may even ask you some questions pertaining to your travel itinerary.

Copies of All Documents

Regardless of how safe you may be, documents can get either stolen or lost. Having a photo of all these documents on your phone is really important so that you can still present them when needed. Having a hard copy of the documents is even better, since there is no battery that will give up on you when you need it the most.

Final Remarks

Traveling is one thing, but traveling safe is something entirely different. Always double check that you have all your documents on you before leaving. With the recent events, many countries started being super careful about who is or is not allowed to cross their border.

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Melony Hart loves traveling and finds it difficult to stay in one place for a long time. She loves writing as well. In her free time, she helps others express themselves through ink and paper.

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