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How to Say Hello in Bulgarian

Hello in Bulgarian – Thanks to its sprawling Black Sea coast, jaw-dropping mountains, and ski resorts, the Balkan country of Bulgaria is increasingly becoming a tourist hub. As a bonus to its natural draws, the country is also home to fantastic food and hospitable locals.

YPT has been running our range of Soviet Tours from our European office in Bulgaria for a number of years. So we know, as in many countries, learning a little bit of the local lingo can help you go a long way and Bulgaria is no exception. Starting off with how to say hello in Bulgarian is a great start!

We’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to both live and travelel in the wonderful country of Bulgaria for many years. So in this article, I’m going to start with the basics and tell you the best ways to say hello in Bulgarian as well as a bonus word at the end! So Hajde!

5. Zdravete / Formal Hello in Bulgarian

The most common way to greet somebody in Bulgaria whether they’re a girl or a guy is the term Zdravete. This is a formal way to say hello and as such is usually reserved for people you are meeting for the first time, people of authority, or employers/employees.

4. Zdrasti / Informal Hello in Bulgarian

The shorter version of Zdrasti is another common way to greet somebody in Bulgaria whether they’re a girl or a guy, whatever the time of day! However, this is the informal version and as such should usually be reserved for people you are already acquainted with and have met before.

3. Dobar Utro / Good Morning

So, you’ve just woken up and it’s time to go grab a traditional Bulgarian breakfast of Banitsa, Big Boza, and Ayran. But how to greet the friendly Bulgarian at the local bakery? By saying hello in Bulgarian using the phrase: Dobar Utro! This translates to good morning and is the perfect way to greet somebody between sunrise and midday.

2. Dobar Den / Good Day

One of the most common ways to greet somebody in Bulgaria is to say Dobar Den. This translates to a good day and can be used throughout the day but is ideally suited for between midday and the early evening.

1. Dobar Vecher / Hello in Bulgarian in the Evening

After sunset, you should switch from Dobar Den to Dobar Vecher which translates to a good evening. This is a rather casual and informal method to say hello in Bulgarian and is perfectly suited to Bulgarian friends or close acquaintances.

Bonus word in Bulgarian: Blogodarya!

As a bonus word, you can also use the term Blagodarya / Bla-go-Dar-YA (place emphasis on the ending). This is the formal word for thank you and, combined with your Bulgarian greeting, will likely impress many Bulgarians as it’s not an easy word for a foreigner to master as many simply choose to go with the much simpler and more informal ”Merci!”.

So there you have it! The top five ways to say hello in Bulgarian. When you are next in the wonderful Balkan country, don’t be afraid to practice them on Bulgarians as your efforts to learn a little of the Bulgarian language will go a long way. Blogodarya for reading and Ciao!

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