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How to Protect Your Safety While Riding with Uber

If you normally use your transport, there are fewer chances you have used Uber driver services in your country. But when you travel to other destinations, it is more convenient to use Uber as you are not aware of the directions very well.

Even though the technology of this service is built with safety protocols, you should also follow some steps and ensure your safety.

Here are some tips to help you travel in Uber safely and enjoy your vacation trips.

safety while riding uber

Check the Ride

When you book a ride, you get all the information about the driver on your mobile Uber app. Check and match the license plate, car model, and driver photo before getting into the car.

If the information does not match the details you got then never get into the car. You could fall victim to theft or other crimes like sexual assault. When you encounter such an unfortunate situation, consult a California Law Firm to sort the situation legally.

Confirm the Name Before Riding

Most often the drivers also confirm your name before the ride. You can also confirm the driver’s name with that given on the app.

After checking the number plate, ask the driver politely who they are waiting for. If you don’t know their native language then show them the app and match the names. Even if the name matches, make sure the photograph is the same as well, and if not then it’s better to not ride in the car.

Ride in the Car Safely

After getting into the car, make sure to fasten your seat belt. Sometimes car accidents cannot be avoided even if driving safely, so you need to follow safety rules. Seat belts are an effective way to reduce injuries in an accident.

When possible, ride in the back seat of the Uber car. It’s a safe way to keep your distance from the driver. When you sit in the back seat, you can easily exit the car from either side in case of heavy traffic.

Share your Trip

You should always share your trip with a friend or family member. When you do this, the details of your ride and location are shared with another person. It does not matter which location they are in at the moment.

As you share the location, they will receive a notification to help keep track of your location. This way, a third person can ensure that you are going the right way and the driver is safe to ride with.

Give Feedback After the Ride

It may take a minute or two to write a review or rate stars for the driver. Your review can help other riders to have a safe and comfortable experience.

If you ever experience a safety threat during the ride, report it back to the app so appropriate action can be taken and riders can avoid those drivers. Remember that you can end an Uber ride at any time when you feel unsafe.

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