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How to Hitch-Hike Safely?

There are many ways one can visit different places. People can use dedicated transport but it will cost them a lot. There is a way of visiting different tourist spots at a lower cost. It is called hitch-hiking. In hitchhiking, you can stand at the side of the road and ask people to help you move towards your destination. You may need to change many rides before you can reach your destination. It can be dangerous also as you are sitting with strangers. There are some ways you can stay out of trouble while hitch-hiking.

Go with a travel buddy

Hitch-hiking can be a dangerous way of traveling if you are alone. You should take someone you trust with you. Some people will not like hitchhiking so finding your traveling buddy can be a difficult task. It is better to move with someone who is also hitch-hiking in the same way.

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Stand at the side of the road

Hitch-hiking is like getting help from the people. Some people like to help you while others don’t. It can be frustrating to wait for a long time. People will try to stand in the middle of the road to get the attention of drivers. It is not a good idea as an inexperienced or drunk driver can hit you accidentally. You should stand at the side of the road to be safe.

Understand the person while communicating

People usually give a lift to hitchhikers because they want someone to talk to along the way. It is also good for you because you can judge the person while communicating. You can judge a person by the way he talks. You can find hints about the personality of the person while talking.

Avoid arguing and keep smiling

Everyone can not use hitchhiking as a way of transportation because it requires a lot of patience. Everyone can have a different opinion. It is better to change the topic if you do not like it rather than starting an argument. If you do not like something that the driver said, you should keep smiling and change the topic.

Have a plan to change the ride

When you are hitchhiking, you may want to go to the destination on a single ride. Sometimes, you may sense that the driver is drunk or something is dangerous about the vehicle. The best way to tackle this situation is by asking the driver politely that you have to take something or you need to go to the toilet.

There can be many other ways of asking the driver to stop politely. You have to keep some of these ways in mind. Once you are out of the vehicle, tell the driver that you have something important and you do not want to continue the journey.

Avoid hitch-hiking at night

We all know that some journeys require days of traveling. People have to hitch-hike at night also. It is not a good way as it can be dangerous. If you get into trouble at night, getting help will be difficult. It is better to avoid hitch-hiking at night. You can start in the morning and look for a ride. You should keep hitchhiking until the evening. In the evening, you should stay in a hotel and continue your journey the next morning. It is a safer way of hitchhiking.


If you want to hitch-hike safely, you should keep a travel buddy with you and check the details of the travel buddy by Spokeo. Even with the travel buddy, you should avoid traveling at night, be polite to the driver, and understand the person during communication. If you have chosen a bad ride, have a plan to change the right as soon as possible to stay safe.

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