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How To Get To North Korea From Hong Kong

Moving from city to city is exciting, especially if you are new to both areas, and you want to explore the trip to the fullest. And luckily, today, you can book your trip via sites such as Cathay Pacific to get yourself a return or one-way ticket to North Korea from Hong Kong. Well, many will ask how this can be done, and that is why we are here. In this article, we shall give you the three ways you can use to get to North Korea from Hong Kong.

1. Travel by bus to Shenzen, fly to Shenyang, and train to Dandong

Well, if you are a sucker for sceneries and views, then this is the best way to travel. The journey is long, but the trip will have multiple stops that way, you will have ample time to stretch and refresh yourself. The tour will approximately take eleven hours, including stops and transfers. In Hong Kong, you will board a bus at Tai Wai station and alight at Shenzen Bao’an airport to catch your flight to Sheyang Taioxian Airport in North Korea. You then take a 30-minute bus ride from the airport to the train station to get a one and a half train ride to Dandong. The total fare you will pay approximately $250 to $466.

2. Travel by bus to Shenzen, fly to Dalian then take a train to Dandong

For this route, you get to the Tai Wai station and board a one-hour bus ride to Shenzen Bao’an airport. From there, you take a three and a quarter-hour flight to Dalian in North Korea. From the airport, you take a taxi or bus to the Dalian North station for a one hour forty seven-minute train ride to Dandong. And from Dandong to Sinuiju you can walk or take another bus. The trip will cost you approximately $158 to $245, and it lasts for about 11 hours 52 minutes, including transfers.

3. Travel by air to Dalian and take a train to Dandong

This is the third way to get to North Korea and the one with the least amount of means used. Despite the reduced number of methods, you still take approximately 12 hours in transit. And that time includes waiting times during transfers. To begin your trip, you get a three-hour thirty minutes flight from Hong Kong to Dalian airport. From the airport, you can choose to walk or take a bus to the train station where you will take a two-hour train ride to Dandong. And if you wish to head to Sinuiju, you can board a five-minute bus ride to get you there. The total fare will range between $202 and $461. The difference is attributed to the class you choose to travel in, like if you decide to fly first-class on the plane and VIP via train.


Traveling in either of the ways described above is filled with great site seeing and interaction with nature. You can utilize the transfer times to explore the area you have been laid over and take great photos while you are at it.

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