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Grand opening of YPT’s new bar

We have hardly been too quiet about it, but in case you did not know in early July YPT purchased a little bar/bookshop in Yangshuo,, Guangxi in southern China, with the intent of turning what is currently Yangshuo’s smallest hotspot into what must probably be the worlds only DPRK themed bar.

To begin with we decided to take things a little slowly and leave things how they were, but from the next month we start to renovate in a big way, adding Korean posters, art, books, photos and general propaganda, as well most importantly selling Korean beer and liquor!!!!

We will also be turning into a regional sales office, with us not only offering a super cool place for guests to pay deposits, or balance, but also receive 5% off merely for sticking your head in!

All former pioneers that find themselves in Yangshuo also receive a free beer, a place to lay their head as well as expert advice and guidance around the local area.

We are putting this all together ready for a massive blowout party on October 1st, National Day, and a public holiday in China. The plan is for it to be rather crazy 100 RMB all you can drink marathon of a night, discounted to 70 for Pioneers that book in advance.

We will be posting more information as we make it up, but for now please check out the website, and FB page of the bar, and help us make this the coolest bar in town!!!!

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