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FAQ on Bir Tawil

Young Pioneer Tours recently went on one of our most epic adventures to date by visiting the famous “no man’s land of Bir Tawil. The trip was extremely interesting, for several reasons, but perhaps mostly for what we learned about the place.

Here are the answers to everything you might have ever wondered of Bir Tawil.

Does anyone claim Bir Tawil?

This is a funny question to answer! Egypt and Sudan both pretend not to claim Bir Tawil, as due to a map dispute, they both want another bit of land (which Egypt controls). In reality, Bir Tawil is mostly under the control of Sudan. A number of so-called micronations claim Bir Tawil, such as the Kingdom of North Sudan. These are not recognized by anyone, particularly Sudan, and the Bir Tawilans.

Does anyone live in Bir Tawil?

The area is claimed and controlled by the Ababda tribe, and there are lots of miners that live in Bir Tawil, some of whom come from as far as Darfur.

Are there any settlements in Bir Tawil?

There are, we named the biggest Bir Tawil town!

Is there any infrastructure in Bir Tawil?

Houses, restaurants, satellite phones, hops and mines. To be fair a lot more than I had initially expected there to be!

So anyone can claim Bir Tawil?

No, they cannot.

Can I just claim Bir tail?

No, you cannot.

How can I claim Bir Tawil?

You cannot.

Does the Kingdom of North Sudan control Bir Tawil?

That does not even warrant an answer.

Will you be running more tours to Bir Tawil?

Seeing we are the only company that has EVER offered a tour to Bir Tawil, I am sure we will be back at some point, when though is the question.

Can you take me to Bir Tawil?

No worries, contact us, and let us revive you plan your travel to Bir Tawil.

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