Young Pioneer Tours

Stalin Line Extension

Following on from our Belarus Exclusion Zone tour, we offer an extension to the infamous Stalin Line! Known as the ‘Soviet Military Disneyland’, this is a park set on the former bunker complex known as the Stalin Line that once defended the borders of the USSR but was defeated during Operation Barbarossa in WW2.

At the Stalin line are hundreds of Soviet tanks, vehicles, weapons, aircraft and missiles. Don’t be alarmed if you hear machine gun fire and artillery rounds being fired, this is a specially made range for visitors which allows you to fire everything from Kalashnikovs and MP-40s to Soviet artillery guns and even tanks!

Duration: 1 Day

Price: €95

Day one

  • After returning to Minsk from the Belarus Exclusion Zone, we’ll grab breakfast nearby and relax for a while.
  • We’ll then store our bags at the station and board our private car to the Stalin Line which should take around 40 minutes – 1 hour depending on traffic.
  • On arrival, we’ll register at the first checkpoint before entering the Stalin Line and our first stop will be a photo opportunity at the monument to the man himself, Josef Stalin! This is one of the only surviving Stalin monuments left standing in the USSR.
  • We’ll then begin our tour of the bunker complex that was the first line to get hit during Operation Barbarossa in the early days of WW2, inside you can get a first hand account of how the brutal fighting raged against the seemingly unstoppable German war machine!
  • We’ll then tour the tank track, full of war ravaged WW2 vehicles, tanks and planes. We’ll stop for a photo stop at one of the road signs that says: ‘’Beware! Tanks!’’
  • We’ll then stop for a trip highlight: The firing range! Your first five Kalashnikov rounds are on us, but you have the additional chance to climb in a tank and fire a blast from the turret, fire a 50. Caliber shot from a Soviet anti-aircraft gun and get your hands on Soviet artillery and blow up a Nazi tank! Prices are very affordable for such an epic video and photo opportunity!
  • With adrenaline running, we’ll then continue our tour through the mass of Soviet tanks, planes, choppers and weapons scattered all over the complex.
  • We’ll then stop for lunch in a military themed cafe for some traditional WW2 style Red Army food.
  • You’ll have the chance to stop at the souvenir to pick up some war themed souvenirs.
  • We’ll head back to Minsk arriving in the afternoon where we will bid farewell to each other
  • End of tour