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Mount Kumgang Extension

One of the more scenic ways to extend your group tour in North Korea is on the Mt. Kumgang extension. This tour will take you all the way to the east side of the Korean Peninsula to visit the famous Mt Kumgang region and the sunny coast of Wonsan city.

This 2 night, 3 day extension will have you first arriving in Wonsan city, which is a popular holiday destination for Koreans all over the DPRK. Here we’ll try the locally caught and very fresh seafood at a local famous restaurant. Depending on the warmth of the season you have the option of heading to the beach to spend a special afternoon kicking a football around, playing frisbee or swimming with the local families.

Later in the afternoon you’ll head further south to the Mt. Kumgang region and explore the stunning Samil Lagoon for some incredible views before checking into Mt. Kumgang Hotel and sampling local delicacies for dinner. There’s an optional natural spa & massage facility available at the resort.

The next morning will start early with a hike up to the Kuryong Falls passing crystal blue ponds as they form both below and above the falls. This particular hike is YPT’s favourite hike in all of North Korea especially during the autumn season when the mountains feature vivid and multi-coloured green, orange, red, brown foliage.

During the late afternoon as you head back to Pyongyang you’ll stop half way along the journey to explore Ullim Falls – the country’s most iconic falls.

Tour extension cost – 1 person – €513, 2+ people – €425 per person. Includes Mt. Kumgang National Park entry tickets


Day 1


  • Drive to Wonsan City – most famous for having long clean beaches along the seafront. 3 and a half hours driving in total including a rest/scenic stop at:
  • Sinpyong Lagoon


  • Arrive in Wonsan, and lunch at a local restaurant famous for its locally caught fresh seafood
  • Optional swim at the local beach (2 euros entry includes locker room and shower)
  • Walk around Wonsan central square and near the port in the city and see the DPRK Mangyongbong-92 cruise ship with an explanation.
  • Head further south towards the DMZ to Mt. Kumgang (2 hours)
  • Stop at Samil Lagoon for photos
  • Check in Mt. Kumgang Hotel – this hotel was renovated by South Koreans with spectacular views of the Mt. Kumgang ranges
  • Stop by Mt. Kumgang Natural Spa – here you can get a deep massage or soak up the natural spring water – optional and extra cost (10+ euros)
  • Dinner and overnight at hotel

Day 2


  • Hike to Kuryong falls – the most famous scenic place in the Mt. Kumgang region with absolutely stunning and surreal views.


  • Lunch at Tanpung Restaurant located within the Mt. Kumgang resort zone
  • Begin long drive back to Pyongyang stopping at Ulim Waterfall
  • Arrive in Pyongyang and dinner at a local restaurant
  • Overnight in Sosan Hotel

Day 3


  • Option 1 (included): Depart at 10:25am on the overnight train to Beijing and enjoy the peaceful countryside of both the DPRK and China. The train will first arrive at Dandong Railway Station at 4:30pm, and then Beijing Railway Station the following day at 8:30am. Please note: if you’re doing this extension from an Ultra Budget tour the overnight train from Dandong to Beijing is not included in the tour cost.
  • Option 2: €370 extra per person – flight from Pyongyang Airport to Beijing Capital Airport. Please check flight schedule with us to confirm times.