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Colombia – Barrio Pablo Escobar + Cali Cartel Extension

This tour is intended as an extension to our Colombia Tours. Please contact us to book or if you’d like a private Colombia tour with itinerary to suit your dates, interests and budget!

TOUR HIGHLIGHT – everyone knows that Korea’s Kim Il-sung was an ‘expert’ in everything from science to agriculture, but did you know he was also responsible for the invention of salsa dance?! Find out how on this tour!

Follow up on our Colombia tours with a visit to Cali, home of the infamous Cali Cartel. The Cali Cartel went about their business in a much more discreet (albeit equally ruthless) way compared to Pablo Escobar, and so it was much later that the drug lords were crushed and it became safe to visit the city. As a result it’s much less visited by foreigners, but is a fascinating place to visit and compare with the more touristed parts of Colombia. You can also visit many of the filming locations used by the ‘Narcos’ Netflix series!


Day 1 – Medellín, Cali

Relaxed start in the morning, then we head up into the hills overlooking downtown Medellín to visit the Barrio Pablo Escobar. This is a working class neighbourhood where Pablo built houses for poor people in order to curry favour for his campaign for election to the Colombian senate. He’s still considered a hero of the poor here.

  • Visit the huge mural of Pablo
  • Chat to local people about what they think of “El Patrón del Mal” (the boss of evil)
  • Optional haircut in the Pablo Escobar barbershop!
  • Next, we’ll head to the airport for a short one-hour flight to Cali, home of the Pablo’s arch-rivals the Cali Cartel.
  • Optional upgrade: Check in to the fancy hotel which now occupies the skyscraper where the Cali Cartel were based. Enjoy the rooftop pool where Cali bosses plotted Pablo’s downfall, while taking in the panoramic view across the city

Day 2 – Cali

City tour of Cali with expert local guide

  • Plaza de Caicedo – central square used as a filming location throughout the Narcos Netflix series
  • Coltabaco building – beautiful 1920s building also used extensively in Narcos
  • Refreshing local fruit drinks
  • Repenting sinners sometimes climb on their hands and knees up the mountain overlooking the city to the giant Christ the King statue overlooking the city. We’ll cop out by driving up to see the fantastic view around the region.
  • Visit the cat sculpture park and learn why they’ve become a symbol of the regeneration of the city

Day 3 – Departure… or continue Cali

We get up early for our morning flight to Bogotá, where the tour ends, with YPT being able to arrange ongoing transport or accommodation for those that need it.

Alternatively we can organise activities and experiences around Cali which is a gateway to Colombia’s Pacific coast. Possibilities include:

  • Salsa classes – Cali considers itself the cradle of Colombian salsa dance!
  • Coffee tour
  • Whale watching (July-October)
  • Paragliding and skydiving
  • Motorbike tour of surrounding hills
  • San Cipriano river experience including tubing, waterfalls, and riding on the “brujita” which is a cart which runs on rail tracks powered by a motorbike

(Ask us for videos of these highly memorable experiences!)


No. of persons
Price per person
1 USD $285
2+ USD $245