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Alternative Cairo Extension

If you are in Cairo before or after one of our tours, you’ll want to make the most of your time. You might think of the Giza Pyramids, the National Museum and such, which also means crowds and the hassle of peddlers. YPT offers you a quick and easy tour of Cairo which will show you the lesser seen of the city, with a great spin on things.

In this two-day extension, you’ll see the City of the Dead, where people live amongst mausoleums as well as the trash city, where the inhabitants live off garbage triage, stocking and selling. We’ll also venture slightly out of Cairo to visit the Bent Pyramid, which is certainly YPT’s favourite Pyramid in Egypt and the most adventurous.


Day 1

  • Pick up from your hotel to spend our day going around the exciting suburbs of Cairo.
  • This morning, we drive a couple of hours to spend time visiting the lesser-known pyramids. We stop by the Bent Pyramid, which almost collapsed due to a mistake in its design. It has recently been opened to tourists and is certainly the most Indiana Jonesey pyramid of Egypt.
  • Our second pyramid is the red pyramid, we can expect to be the only ones around there, in stark contrast to the most famous of the pyramids
  • We finish our pyramid party with the Pyramid of Djoser considered to be the world’s oldest intact pyramid
  • We drive back to Cairo, stopping for lunch along the way
  • In the afternoon, we’ll head to the City of the Dead, an ancient necropolis made up of an Arabic cemetery where the less-fortunate of Egypt have settled. Tens of thousands of people live here within mausoleums and tombs. It creates a mixture of bustling living amongst monuments to death. We’ll walk through the neighborhood as our guide introduce us to the settlers and tell us more about the history of the place.
  • We head back into town to visit the citadel of Cairo with sight of the citadel of Cairo where you can be left if you are not ready to go to your hotel
  • Overnight in Cairo

Day 2

  • This morning, we’ll head to our next neighborhood of Cairo, this time the Garbage City, or Manshiyat Nasser. Where in the City of the Dead people had to live amongst tombstones, inefficient rubbish collection in Manshiyat Nasser forces people to live amongst waste, creating a kind of post-apocalyptic atmosphere and is truly an eye-opener into a different side of our planet. It is a Christian district and we’ll get the opportunity to visit cave-churches.
  • After having visited the neighbourhood, we’ll drive to Old Cairo. Here, you’ll find the incredibly picturesque covered streets of the Souk, which should definitely be seen in Cairo
  • You’ll be driven back to your hotel around lunch time
  • End of tour


Price Inclusive of:

  • Transportation around Cairo
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees
  • Drinking water

Price Exclusive of:

  • Accommodation in Cairo (can be arranged for an extra €50/night, including breakfast)
  • Airport pickup (can be arranged for an extra €25)
  • Meals
  • Flights to and from Cairo
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for the local guide and driver

Price: €200 for 1 person, €150 for 2 people +