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Mt Kumgang Cruise, Political Interest, and Revolutionary Tours 2011

We have just finished three very exciting tours. Firstly our second ever Political Interest Tour, which lead perfectly into a Revolutionary Tour of China, again our second attempt, both went great, being not only more busy than last year, but more importantly, they offered something really different to the standard stuff that is out there, and the guests really took a lot away from it.

Secondly, we managed to swing ourselves as the first western company to go on the Rason to Mt Kumgang Tour (as pictured). This was by all accounts an awesome experience for those involved, with the relative freedom of Rason visiting farmers markets, banks and even using local currency, contrasting perfectly with the cruise, and the special if not controversial tourist zone of Kumgangsan. We expect to be posting pictures as soon as humanly possible, as well as the itinerary for the tour.

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