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Eritrean Cuisine

Eritrean cuisine is awesome! Article over? OK, I’ll go into more depth, but essentially Eritrean cuisine is a fusion of two of the best cuisines in the world: Italian and Ethiopian. One of the few aspects of colonialism that can leave a nice mark! So get a lot of fusion food, much like in Vietnam.

Eritrean Cuisine Background

Italy became the ruling colonial power in 1880 and would remain so under the end of the war. This meant they built a really cool railway and left the country with a love for pasta, ice-cream and even an indigenous version of Ferna Branca (it’s strong).

Following the end of colonial rule it was briefly under British rule, although sadly meat pies and fish and chips have yet to arrive.

Then came the rule of Ethiopia. Ethiopian cuisine is arguably the most famous cuisine of Africa and you can get all your Ethiopian favorites in Eritrea.

Common foods and dishes

That’s not a napkin in the background, that’s Injera!

Injera is an awesome dish of Ethiopian origin. You get a load of dishes served on a bit piece of sour fermented flatbread. You then break it up and use the bread as your cutlery to eat what is served. This is usually done communally and is a culinary delight of Eritrea. Although, keep in mind you will end up eating this quite a lot!

The main meats eaten in Eritrea are lamb and beef, with Tsebhi/Zigni being a common meat stew eaten at dinner times.

Is Eritrea Vegan, or vegetarian friendly?

Eritreans eat a lot of bread, lentils and vegetables. You will not go hungry as a vegan in Eritrea.

Popular Italian dishes in Eritrea

Italian restaurants are everywhere and you can get lasagna, or spaghetti bolognese almost as good as in Rome itself. Eritreans also love ice-cream and again you will see it everywhere. Much like anywhere on the planet, quality varies and you get what you pay for.

What can you drink in Eritrea?

They have a home-brewed beer called Suwa, which is quite an acquired taste and they have an Eritrean version of Ferna Branca which is very potent! Locally made regular beers are also commonly avilable.

Coffee is a big deal here, as is the coffee drinking ceremony. Much like Ethiopia, Eritreans have been drinking coffee for eons, yet Italian styles are still popular. If you fancy an espresso or a cappuccino, they are readily available.

There are many great things about a tour to Eritrea, food is merely one of them!

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