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Education in North Korea

In Pyongyang, you can visit Pyongyang Primary School, Middle School #1, and June 9th Middle School. Doing this offers a fascinating glimpse into education in North Korea.

Education in North Korea follows an interesting pattern. For example, Kim Il Sung ordered a middle school to be built on June 9th, earning it the name. This North Korean school has three designated rooms, one for history, one for biology and one for science. These are some of the subjects featured in the of the North Korean education curricula.

Pupils typically graduate the state education system in North Korea at the age of 16. School curricula are balanced between academic and political subject matter. Nearly 10 percent of instruction is devoted to the “Great Kim Il Sung” and “Communist Morality”. However, subjects taught include physical education, math, science, history and Korean language. In senior middle schools, politically oriented subjects, including the “Great Kim Il Sung” and “Communist Morality” as well as “Communist Party Policy,” comprise about 6 percent of instruction.

In the city of Pyongsong, Kim Jong Suk middle school proudly displays its pupils, who are well known to speak flawless english. The Kim Jong Suk school is similar to Pyongyang No. 1 Senior-middle School. In 1984 education officials have designed courses in step with the national curriculum for high school education in South Korea. By 1985, the North Korea had established a No.1 Senior-middle School for each provincial government and started a full-scale special education program for the gifted. The No. 1 Senior-middle Schools differentiate from others as they are seen as the higher tier of educational instruction for young people across the DPRK.

It is fascinating to get a firsthand glimpse into education in North Korea. You can do so on our Liberation Day and Summer Tour to see some DPRK schools firsthand or for a fully immersive experience join our Pyongyang Language Study Tour .