Young Pioneer Tours

€50 Deposits – Special Offer for 2020 and 2021 Tours

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a bit of a kicker for everyone so far. Whether you’re self-isolating/quarantined in your home and getting extremely itch feet, have been or have friends or relatives who have been sick, or have been impacted financially by it’s fair to say everyone around the world has been affected by covid-19.

Here at YPT, we are also in lockdown waiting this out, and undoubtedly these are tough times for us.

They are also very tough for our partners and friends around the world, in countries where the complete stop of tourism has led to the complete drying up of incomes, and for many people, we know these incomes do not just keep themselves going but their extended families too.

Over the last month, we have been very touched by people writing to us and wishing us well and asking what they can do, it’s times like these where we genuinely feel proud of the community of Pioneers we have created!

So, we are now announcing our new payment policy: we will now accept deposits of €50/$50 for any tour in 2020 or 2021.

This deposit is due in the currency the tour is offered in (Euro or USD) and is completely non-refundable, but in case of tour cancellation, it is completely transferable to any other YPT trip or to be kept in credit for any future tour. Once the pandemic is over this offer will also end.

How do I book?

As per normal, just fill in the booking form on itinerary page on the website or send us an email directly!

This will guarantee your place on the tour but it will also help us keep our heads above the water in this viral tsunami.

If you book a tour (or are booked on a tour), in this current climate we recommend not booking any international travel until we can guarantee that the tour will go ahead as planned. When the tour is confirmed we will give you the details for a further instalment to bump up your deposit to the normal level.

You can see our full list of DPRK tours for 2020 and 2021 here, and for international tours here, as well as links to our Africa tours, Middle East tours, Central Asia tours, Soviet Europe tours, Unrecognised Countries and Worldwide Adventures.

In these strange times, we are still working on publishing all our 2021 tours, researching and adding new destinations, and writing blog content, so we can scratch that itch on our feet but also make sure we’re ready to dive straight back in when all this is over, taking you to places your mother doesn’t want you to go to!

We sincerely hope that wherever you are you are safe, healthy and staying sane through this, and that sooner rather than later we will see you somewhere around the world so we can continue what it is we all love best, travelling, discovering, Pioneering!