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DPRK Travel Update

Dear Pioneers,

In light of the recent good news regarding the reopening of the DPRK border to tourism, we have today received an update from Pyongyang detailing temporary conditions of travel into the country.

For the meantime, the DPRK will not be receiving any tourists who have lived in, travelled in, or made transit through any West African country since the Ebola outbreak began. Pyongyang has requested that YPT submit a guarantee letter stating that this is the case for any tourists we bring into the country.

Additionally, during the tour, each tourist will have their temperature checked by a quarantine officer at the hotel. Tourists with a fever will be given a brief medical checkup in the Pyongyang Friendship Hospital.

As always, we will let you know of any updates through our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Many thanks,

The YPT Team.

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