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DPRK Travel Update

The recent news of a third American being detained in North Korea, or as it is correctly termed the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will potentially throw up doubts for some people, particularly Americans thinking of visiting the DPRK.

The latest American detained on April 29th, Jeffrey Edward Fowle, allegedly left a bible in the hotel he was staying. This has recently been confirmed by the DPRK’s very own news source, the KCNA.

The first person detained Kenneth Bae was accused, went to court and was sentenced to hard labour for allegedly trying to overthrow the state.

The second Mathew Todd Miller allegedly tore up his visa, and claimed asylum on April 10th 2014.

Now in short is it dangerous to visit North Korea? In over 6 years of operating in the DPRK we have taken thousands of guests into the country, of which hundreds have been American. None of them have been arrested, nor has there even been even the vaguest atmosphere of danger, or worry felt by any of our guests in the country.

It is our opinion that the recent, and past news of people being detained should always be taken in the context with which things happened. All countries are different, and you do not have to agree with a countries political system to be able to respect its customs, beliefs and traditions for your short time in the country.

It is our view that reasonable travellers that are able to respect and behave accordingly in the DPRK have nothing to fear, and will enjoy a great experience. Those that really feel that they cannot, or who are travelling to spread religious views contrary to the beliefs of the country, should avoid putting themselves in danger, and simply not visit the country.

For everybody else, nothing has changed, and we will continue bringing in groups as normal. We do however sincerely hope that the detainees be released soon.

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