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Deluxe Accommodation in North Korea

When booking a DPRK tour it is possible to add a degree of luxury by upgrading to single supplement, as well as to deluxe accommodation in North Korea. Generally speaking this can be done on our independent tours to North Korea.

Yanggakdo International Hotel – Pyongyang

Type of Room Single Twin
Standard Suite €70 €25 per person
Deluxe Suite €120 €55 per person

Moranbong Hotel – Pyongyang

This Joint Venture hotel is part owned by a Korean family company in Japan. It has a great coffee shop and store as well as a sushi restaurant just across the car park. It’s central location at the base of Moran Hill also makes it a convenient and peaceful staying place.

Type of Room Single Twin
Standard Suite €100 €75 per person
Deluxe Suite €180 €110 per person

Kobangsan Guesthouse – Pyongyang

Run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rather than the National Tourism Administration this place has seen better times- the pool is empty as it needs a replacement filter and the single lane bowling alley is out of order but it still has some of the most luxurious rooms/suites in Pyongyang, with VIP and Deluxe rooms containing saunas and spa baths.

Type of Room Single Twin
Standard €90 €70 per person
Suite €150 €95 per person
Deluxe €220 €145 per person
VIP €410 €250 per person

Hyangsan Hotel – Mt Myohyang

This hotel is another Joint Venture in this case with the Chinese. One of the few hotels with internet access, but it’s expensive at 10 dollars an hour. Meals here also incur an extra 10 euro charge.

Type of Room Single & Twin
Standard Suite €75 per person

Imperial Hotel – Rason

Rason as the first and most prominent Special Economic, or Free Trade Zones in the country and is a somewhat special place with a number of unique experiences open to the intrepid traveller. One fairly unknown fact is that in Rason is home to one of the two casinos of the DPRK (the other being in the underground floor of the Yanggakdo hotel in Pyongyang). The Imperial Hotel is a Hong Kong owned casino and hotel. This is a beautiful 5 star hotel with its fully functioning casino offering blackjack, baccarat, and roulette amongst other games. The following prices are on top of the the Rason independent tour rates which can be found here.

Type of Room Cost
Standard room €140
Standard room with seaview €155
Deluxe room €155
Deluxe room with seaview €175
Deluxe suite €265
Deluxe suite with seaview €295

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