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Currency in Nauru


Nauru is the third smallest country in the world, with the second smallest population in the world, and is the least visited country in the world. It is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It does not get more off the beaten path than this.

What currency do they use on Nauru?

So, currency in Nauru is pretty simple, they use the Australian Dollar (AUD).

If there is one piece of advice to give you for travelling to Nauru then it is bring plenty of AUD in cash.

At present, there are two ATMs on the island, but they regularly run out of cash and one would expect the exchange rate they give you and the fees they charge are on the rough side.

There are no credit card facilities on the whole island, and in fact, it struggles to connect to the world wide web, much to Al Gore’s consternation.

There is one place to exchange currency, but to change USD or any other currency will indeed be on a terrible exchange rate, often 1:1!

Why does Nauru use the AUD?

Well, Nauru has been an independent country for 50 years now, before that it was colonised variously by Germany, Japan, the UK and then run by Australia (and New Zealand).

As we mentioned, Nauru is small, so printing their own money would be ludicrous and using the AUD, the currency of their closest economic and political ally, makes total sense.

Thanks to Al Gore inventing the internet, you are now reading this, so remember, bring Aussie dollars in cash on your trip to Nauru!

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