Young Pioneer Tours

COVID-19 Travel Procedure

The Young Pioneer Tours COVID-19 travel procedure is our set of additional guidelines for people travelling with us throughout the pandemic.

The COVID-19 travel procedure page has been set up to give extra clarification and complement our Terms & Conditions of travel, not as a replacement for them.

Overview of our COVID-19 Travel Procedure

The coronavirus has caused the largest disruption to global travel in living memory. While the situation has greatly improved around the world, many parts are still very much in the grip of the pandemic.

The nature of the pandemic means that countries can go from being considered safe to dangerous in as little as the time it takes for you to fly to a country. Due to these extreme circumstances all customers are required to read and follow our COVID-19 travel procedure.

1) All customers should check the advice given by the government of their home country on visiting the destination country before deciding whether or not to travel there.

What is the policy of the country that I am travelling to?

Countries set their own rules with regards to who is permitted to visit. This can depend on which passport you hold, where you’ve visited recently, where you are legally resident, whether you have been vaccinated, or can provide proof of a recent negative PCR test.

2) YPT will advise on the current situation in the county you wish to travel to and the country you are from, or resident in. We also suggest all customers also do their own research on this related to their own specific circumstances.

What about connecting flights?

If a country accepts visitors from another country without having to enter quarantine, then this may not include a country that you transit through.

3) It is the customer’s responsibility to check if travelling through a third country will affect your status at your final destination. This may, or may not, depend on whether you leave the airport.

Send us your flight information

4) All passengers are required to send us exact details of their flight prior to departure, so that we may communicate and keep up to date regarding your position with our local partners. It is still the responsibility of the customer to check all connecting flights where applicable.

If problems arise because a customer changes their flight without informing us then full liability is with the customer.

What if a country’s policy changes mid-flight?

Whilst extremely unlikely, it is possible that the policy of the country you wish to travel to changes during your journey.

Whilst YPT will do everything in our power to provide you with assistance, such a scenario falls under force majeure, as per our terms and conditions.

What if I have been to a red zone?

Few countries define their own list of “red zones” or how long you have to have been outside of them before entry into that country.

If required, all passengers are required to provide us with a list of countries travelled to within the last month. Passengers are also required to confirm their status with regards to this themselves in order to prevent issues at the destination country.

What if I need a PCR test, and/or a vaccination?

YPT will advise you on the requirements of the host country regarding vaccinations, and/ or PCR tests to enter.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they comply and understand the regulations of the host country for entering and exiting.

In the event of a failure to follow regulations, liability will fall on the customer.

What if I am arbitrarily refused entry, or the rules have been changed without prior knowledge?

The situation with travel to certain countries is often not only unclear, but constantly changing and at times subject to arbitrary decisions made by immigration staff.

The customer accepts that there is a risk to travelling during these times and that no liability shall fall on YPT in this case.

What if we cannot cross a border?

For land-based tours that involve crossing borders there is usually more uncertainty than when arriving by plane.

When booking a tour that involves crossing borders the customer accepts that while YPT will do their best to ensure we manage to cross, there is always some risk of this not being able to happen.

Do I need travel insurance?

All passengers are required to have travel insurance. We recommend World Nomads, but customers are free choose their own provider.

We require proof of travel insurance for all customers travelling with us prior to joining the tour.