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Conquering the Balkans


At YPT, the Balkan region certainly holds a special place in our hearts. We first traversed it around a decade ago on our Eurasian Adventure. Since then, we have expanded into the region with a range of private and group tours exploring the Balkans in-depth. From the war-torn streets of Bosnia to the little known country of Albania, which boasts friendly locals and over 100,000 Cold War bunkers, In this article, we’re going to break down five of our best tours for conquering the Balkans!

5. A Haunted Forest and the Caeusecu Mansion on the Dark Romania Tour

Whilst Romania is largely known for its association with Vlad the Impaler and the Dracula character, there is a far more dark aspect to the country’s history that happened in far more recent times: the era of Communist Romania. On the YPT Dark Romania tour, the trip explores the former playground of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu from his opulent palace home to the churches he moved on wheels. It then leaves the Romanian capital of Bucharest to explore wider Romania.

The rest of the trip visits the former prison where the infamous Pitesti experiment took place, the haunted forest of Hoia Bacu, and the abandoned prison that once held Nicolae Ceausescu and the military base where he and his wife were gunned down in 1989. For an insight into Romania unlike any other and the see jaw-dropping sites away from the generic tourist spots like Dracula’s castle, then this is the tour for you!

4. The Eurasian Adventure!

The first in our list of YPTs European tours is its most tried, tested, and affordable Balkan tours: the Eurasian Adventure! Beginning in Beijing and ending in Northern Estonia, this epic vacation spans over eight weeks and takes in a huge chunk of not only the former USSR, but the entirety of the former Yugoslavia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The tour is fast-paced and has been running for a decade since YPT first started. Use of cheap and cheerful accommodation, group discounts on transport and local tours, this is one of our cheapest Balkan tours and a favourite amongst travellers seeking an unforgettable Balkan adventure for the right price!

3. Communist Bulgaria Tour

This epic tour starts in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia and ends in the Black Sea port of Varna. In between, there is a whole host of epic, non-mainstream Bulgarian tourist attractions. Our tour of Bulgaria takes in alternative storage of communist statues in Sofia, epic Communist relics, yards of abandoned fighter jets, tantalizing Bulgarian cuisine, and a dip in the lovely Black Sea if you take the tour in the summer season. In addition to the communist sights on the tour, there is also an array of historical Bulgarian sights from ancient fortresses to hotbeds of rebellion where the uprising against the Ottoman Empire was hatched.

2. Private Kosovo and Albania tours

In addition to our range of Balkan tours tailored to groups, we also offer private, fully customizable private tours to the Balkans. The most popular destinations for these type of trips, are Kosovo and Albania. Largely due to their undiscovered nature leading to travellers and photographers wanting to spend more time there.

Our Albania tours range from adventures on the last Albanian trains to exploring the countless bunkers that litter this incredible country that was closed from the world for so many years. In neighbouring Kosovo, one of the youngest countries in the world, our tours begin with an exploration of the fascinating suburban Tetris of Pristina before heading to the divided city of Mitrovica which is split between Kosovans and Serbian communities. Two sides which have often clashed violently since the end of the Kosovan War.

1. The Ultimate Yugoslavia Tour!

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Ultimate Yugoslavia Tour! This trip takes in every former state of Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia with the bonus of visiting Kosovo and Albania! In contrast to the Eurasian adventure, this tour is slightly more expensive but spends a prolonged amount of time in each country.

We feel the Ultimate Yugoslavia Tour is the most ideal way to gain a key insight into the Balkan region from its food, culture, languages, and the various divisions that have unfortunately been a defining feature of the Balkan landscape since the 1990s. For fans of urban exploration, this tour features a lot from abandoned Yugoslav airbase in Croatia to war-ravaged bobsled track in the halls above Sarajevo!

So, for the best way to explore Eastern Europe, Russia, and other undiscovered destinations, look no further than Young Pioneer Tours – we are the leaders in alternative Eastern Europe and Russia travel. You can find our range of scheduled group tours and contact information to arrange private tours, here.

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