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Promoting the communication of deaf people between North and South Korea

Our good friends at TOGETHER-Hamhung, with whom YPT have partnered since 2015 on numerous charity projects involving the Kindergarten & Deaf Centre in Pyongyang and a deaf woodwork shop raising over 6000 euros, would like to announce their next charity project.

First, a little backstory

Back on 17th of February 2016, a special delegation from the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and Robert Grund from TOGETHER-Hamhung met three deaf North Koreans for the first time. This was a historic moment, as the topic of being deaf was hardly known in North Korea. It was from this moment where Robert began his case to permanently represent the WFD within Pyongyang for four years. Due to Robert’s dedication and hard work, this helped many deaf South Koreans realise the deaf charity events taking place in North Korea.

Thanks to the support of TOGETHER-Hamhung and the World Federation of the Deaf, deaf North Korean people were able to travel abroad and participate in international events of the deaf community. Deaf delegates from both North and South Korean countries had the opportunity to exchange experiences there for the very first time.

However, this brought upon the community a new challenge.

The sign languages in North and South Korea – in contrast to the Korean spoken language – are very different, which caused many communication problems.

Hyemi Cho, a South Korean native, has partnered with TOGETHER-Hamhung to contribute her efforts into teaching both Koreans the sign language of the North and the South. This has enabled better communication amongst the deaf community on the Korean Peninsula. She will move to Berlin to be used as an interpreter when deaf conferences are held between North and South, but she also wishes to teach the deaf community the difference between the two sign languages.

Introducing a deaf web series!

TOGETHER-Hamhung and Ms Cho have already launched their first pilot of their web-series which can be viewed here, but needs more funding to release more episodes to reach out to more Koreans.


This will help reach out to further members in not just the Korean deaf society but to the world. We at YPT would like to see this goal achieved.

Make a donation!

We at YPT are delighted to announce we will donate 2500 euros to this cause but we also need your help! Almost 9000 euros has been raised in total and another 2000 euros is needed to help add another two months’ worth of episodes.

If you’d like to make a donation or for more information you may contact us at

For more information on Robert you can read an article written up about his efforts on CBS News.