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Chagos Islands CONIFA World Football Cup Fundraiser

You may have heard by now that YPT has teamed up with CONIFA to be the official travel partner of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations and we are starting to get excited about the World Cup this May.

In the World Cup, we will obviously be keenly following the matches of South Ossetia, Kurdistan, Darfur and the United Koreans in Japan, but every team has an interesting back story.

And none more so that the Chagos Islands. You can see the background to the islands here, and to the football team here so I won’t go more into that.

But we do want to publicize the official Chagos Islands fundraiser.

The Chagossian team needs to raise funds to cover the costs of their travel and accommodation during the tournament in Skopje, North Macedonia, as well as procuring football kits and all the necessities of running a football team.

So check out the crowdfunding page, donate money directly and leave your message of support for the team and their manager Jimmy Ferrar.

YPT is directly involved in charitable work in North Korea, especially around the Pyongyang Cultural Centre for the Deaf and Blind, and we are also working with the Chagos Islands team to formalize our relationship with them, more details to come!

Join us in the Former Yugoslavia this May and June for a unique look at the region and the World Cup final in Skopje!

Donate to the Chagos Islands team here

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