Young Pioneer Tours


YPT periodically requires staff, throughout the year and in the following fields. If you feel you have what it takes to join the Pioneer team, simply contact us with a cover letter, your CV, and the position you are applying for. Positions are offered when available, so do send us an email and we’ll be in touch!

Full-time Staff

Full-time staff are required to work in the office on sales and administration, and where necessary, guide tours to different locations. The nature of the job requires you to have excellent self-management and great customer service skills. This position tends to be highly over-subscribed, so we encourage you to send your CV for our consideration when a position becomes available.

Freelance Guides

As our tour volume increases, so does our need for experienced and qualified guides. If you have guiding experience, would like to work with YPT, and ideally have knowledge of at least one qualifying language, send us your resume.

Full-time Interns

YPT offers two full-time internships throughout the year for people interested in getting an exciting start on the career ladder with us. Interns are given a living wage, free housing and generous commission, as well as getting hands-on work experience with the company. For the right candidates we offer career progression into full-time employment. Interns are considered very much part of the company, and will be doing far more than just running errands.

Summer Internships

Summer is a busy season for YPT, and we’re always keen to work with interns during this period. Interns will be based in Beijing, largely helping us deal with customers and the DPRK authorities before tours. Interns receive free housing and expenses while working with the company.

Remote Internships

If you’re interested in working with YPT but are unable to live and work in China, we offer the opportunity to work for us remotely. Priority will be given to those who have a sales, web design and/or SEO background.

Bar Internships

YPT is always looking for people to work in our bar/sales office in Yangshuo. Interns receive a monthly salary, bonuses, and housing while working with the company. We’re not simply looking for career bartenders; our bar interns are considered very much part of the YPT family. Besides tending the bar, our Bar Interns are expected to be involved in sales, marketing, as well as other tasks for the company. The right candidates may get the chance to help with planning new destinations, guide tours, and even move into full-time employment with the company.

Sales Agents

Like any company, we are always interested in increasing sales. As such, we are constantly looking for agents to sell tours for the company. Whether you represent a company that would like to resell our tours, or simply have a background in sales that you think could contribute to selling our tours, we want to hear from you. We offer extremely good packages for the right agents!