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Can you visit Lviv in 2024 and if so what should you do?

Can you visit Lviv in 2024? You most certainly can and we would also say you probably should as it is a great way to ethically spend your tourist dollars.

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What is the safety situation in Lviv?

OK, lets get the disclaimer out of the way. Always follow the advice of the UKFCO, to whatever – our advice is our personal opinion.

So, yes Ukraine is at war, but Lviv while having the odd military area bombed has largely remained safe from the brunt of it. This has led to a city of 700,000 now having 2 million people live there. Yes there is always a threat as the war is very real, but so are other frozen conflict zones like Transnsitria and the like.

In fact when you visit Lviv you will hardly even see any soldiers, save those having some R and R.

Of course overall we suggest joining a reputable tour company, like say YPT…..

How do you get to Lviv?

We have already written an article on this which can be read here, but essentially you do it by bus, car, train, or a combination of all of the above.

We personally like the bus to Lviv, while also utilizing the train if you go all the way to Kiev – which is another story.

The bus will run you about 7 hours, which includes two at the border itself. Of course things coming into and out of the country need to be checked at this time.

What is the Lviv vibe in 2024?

When you visit Lviv in 2024 the place is quite simply electric. There are people everywhere, the weather at least ins summer is great and there are acres and bars literally everywhere.

Life here is almost sadly too normal and many Ukrainians come here just to feel some normality. The people though are very friendly and are also open to having a chat about everything and nothing.

What is the Lviv nightlife like in 2024?

When you visit Lviv what strikes you most is the normality of the bar and restaurant scene. In fact some bars are basically standing room only as the city is now crowded.

There are some amazing bars, such as ….and……, with the second being one of the best bars I have been to in the world, let alone just Lviv. And there are even strip clubs for those inclined……..

Sadly there is a curfew of midnight, which means bars close at 11 so that people can get home on time. Said curfew is less strict than Kiev, or in actual war torn parts of the country, but should still be respected.

Eating in Lviv

When you decide to visit Lviv you will definitely not go hungry. I was a bit disappointed about the lack of a Lviv street food scene, with the go to seemingly being the kebab.

There are though a plethora of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, as well as of course home made dishes. Ukrainian food is good in general, but in Lviv the food also has a Polish tint to it. Essentially if you like meat and potatoes you will not go hungry here.

Is it ethical to visit Lviv in 2024?

Safety wise whether you visit Lviv in 2024 is down to you, but ethically why would you not visit? Whatever side you take in the war in Ukraine normal people should not be the ones who suffer.

By visiting Lviv you re helping people that struggle to find work during the current environment.

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