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Black Panther Ginseng Stout

Black Panther Ginseng Stout is a dark beer made the Cambrew company, the same fellas that make Angkor Beer the best selling brew of Cambodia.

It truly is funny the things you find when you travel, particularly if these things make you a little homesick or nostalgic about a place. And, with the world virtually on lockdown, this has become even more apparent, particularly as many of us are now essentially refugees.

Thus it came to pass that we went shopping in Siem Reap, essentially the new “base” of Young Pioneer Tours, mainly because it was one of the last nearby countries to shut its borders.

When you’ve been used to living in China, you are used to how to say politely? Supermarket trips not being all that interesting or useful, so when you go to a country that has had a bit more of western influence, the fun comes back in leaps and bounds. Pasta, blue cheese, Spy Wine Coolers, and the aforementioned Black Panther Ginseng Stout.

As stated previously, it is made by the biggest brewery in Cambodia, we all like ginseng and stout, but how would they combine together?

There’s a very good movie called Sex Lives of the Potato Men where Johnny Vegas, whilst engaging in a mirage a this proclaims “I like toffee, and I like apple, but I don’t like toffee apple”, he goes on to make a similar analogy for cauliflower, and cheese. Am I digressing? It is a thing I do, but less so this time.

Black Panther Ginseng Stout doesn’t taste all that good, stout and ginseng it would appear are not exactly good bedfellows.

Still, I’m glad I gave it a crack, and it is another box ticked off on my Cambodian Culinary Adventure!

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