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Asian World for Students: Top 4 Cities to Visit in 2020

Discovering the Asian world is always an amazing journey for students from all over the world because it is an experience that helps an individual grow as a person and as a professional. Once an average college student makes a choice in favor of yet unknown Asia countries and regions, it is crucial to plan the trip in advance. Such an approach helps not only see all the beautiful places but also learn the skills and practices that appear beneficial in the long term. While every person has a specific perception of what is the best in Asia, there are places that are especially attractive for the students!

Top 4 Asian Cities to Visit in 2020


This unique Asian city called Singapore is also one of the best Asian countries to visit, especially if you are a student because it is a perfect place for young minds that like to explore and learn as they travel. It is one of the safest destinations in the world, which is partially due to the implementation of strict rules that should be followed. These are just basic tips for foreign students in Asia to stay safe. For example, it is forbidden to chew gum in Singapore! The city can be visited virtually anytime as the weather is always good for spending time outside, visiting botanic gardens or learning how state-of-the-art robotics control the city’s infrastructure. Do not forget to check out outstanding local cuisine!

Xi’an, China

This is a treat for students majoring in disciplines like History, Sociology, Arts, Culture or Anthropology because it is hard to find any other place in the Asian world that shows a famous Terracotta Army and marks the start of the Silk Road. The best time of the year to visit Xi’an is from September until November as the weather is very pleasant. It is recommended to spend up to three days to see everything. Regardless of your cultural background, there is a lot to learn and take pictures, so do not miss out on the scenery photography. There are even free shuttles from most city’s hotels once you have a ticket for the famous Xi’an sites! 

Lhasa, Tibet, China

Even though many students have heard about the center of the Buddhist universe, most cannot tell more than two sentences about the local Tibetian culture and one of the best places to visit in Asia. Once you have permission for the entry, which should be requested about a month before the planned trip, there is a lot to discover. It can take days or weeks to learn about the local culture and find peace. Lhasa can be visited in April or in September for the best weather. Since a trip to any new culture in Asia can swallow you completely, do not forget to get your college assignments done on time. The safe bet in such a situation is approaching essay writers service of high quality and rely on proofreading and professional editing services. A holiday will not be ruined by essay revisions or missed deadlines since there is timely 24/7 online help just when you need it. Buddhism is about mental peace, right?

Seoul, South Korea

When the talk goes about Asian capitals, not much is said about Seoul, which is a great omission! Students can learn more about the country’s history and come back to modern times in an instant with the help of modern disco clubs and cafes. The best time to visit Seoul is in May or April when the weather is not too cold or humid. Definitely visit the five outstanding palaces that belong to the Joseon Dynasty or spend a day exploring traditional villages with the small wooden houses and the libraries that contain beautiful works of art. If you want to mix the present and the past, this is the best Asian destination in 2020!

Respect is Key

Always plan your journey and finances in advance! Take time to learn more about cultural traits of a country you plan to visit not to offend anyone by accident. Asia is a part of the world where traditions are very strong, which means that showing respect and care will always reward you with a warm smile or a polite nod from the natives. As you visit the famous places mentioned in a city guide, take time to explore each sightseeing on your own as well by taking notes, lots of pictures or even starting with an amazing travel blog!

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