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Are You Ready For Sakura Time?

Many places all over the world experience wonderful changes in scenery, from autumn leaves in Canada to snowy layers over Europe. However, nothing really compares to the spectacle that is Japan’s cherry blossoms, known as sakura. For those of you living in countries that don’t see any seasonal change, this is something that will blow your mind!

Occurring from around the island of Taiwan up to Northern China, these flowers explode to life in what seems like something straight out of a fairy tale. Petals rain down like pink snow making you feel like you’re in some kind of anime or Monet artwork. So where should you go to see this? Japan!

Definitely well-known to tourists, people have been flocking to Japan to witness this spectacle that has had a deep impact on Japanese culture for centuries. Due to its fame, however, many places in Japan can be overrun with overly keen tourists wishing to get that perfect insta snap. So, where to go to enjoy the tranquillity? Our answer is Nikko!

Located not far from Tokyo, Nikko offers hiking and some amazing places where you can take it all in, in relative peace.

Our favourite spot:

Nikkoikaido – features a 16km-long road adorned with trees forming a flower tunnel! This place is so beautiful it will bring a tear to your eye and, if it doesn’t at least stir some happy emotions inside, then you probably just hate all things nature in general.

Because Nikko sits at an altitude of 1000m above sea level, it makes it one of the best places in Japan to see the flowers amongst a mountainous backdrop. Beginning in mid-April these blossoms shoot to life until May, with the timeframe varying depending on the altitude.

Sites in Nikko are easily reached with the JR train from Tokyo, and many of the places are less than 20 minutes from the train station itself, making for a quick and easy day trip.

As well as the pink sakura you can find an abundance of other amazingly coloured flora such as purple azaleas. These can be seen on the hike to some of Nikko’s beautiful waterfalls, which spring to life from the melting snow.

If you’re looking for that peaceful getaway away from crowds where you can truly experience nature, then look no further.



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