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April Celebrations anticipation is building up!

With the long awaited April Kim Il Sung’s 100th Birthday Anniversary Celebrations looming ever closing, preparations for Pyongyang and Kaesong are well under way. People are coming together on the streets, old and young to give the DPRK a fresh lick of paint for expecting tourists, journalists and politicians from around the world gathering to witness the monumental event.
The Tower of Juche Idea, The Kumsusan Memorial Palace and the Grand Statue of President Kim Il Sung, all been closed for renovation. With visible signs, all over Pyongyang of improvements. Walls are being replastered, flowerbeds primed, fresh paint and polished granite. For the lucky few whom secured places in April, you will surely see a brighter more vibrant Pyongyang.

It doesn’t stop with renovation, their are various monuments being put in place, ready for the celebrations. With the unfortunate passing of Kim Jong Il just month’s before the celebrations, tourists this April will no doubt be the first to see the monuments placed in his memory. Also for Kim Il Sung’s 70th Birthday Anniversary, the colossal Arch Of Triumph was erected in his memory. Only time will tell what we will see in honor of this special time in DPRK history.
For those who will not be attending the event, check back here for a summary of what the celebrations

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