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Afghanistan Re-Opens to Tourism!

It’s official, Afghanistan is back open to tourists! Almost all embassies/consulates are now issuing tourist visas to those wishing to travel to Afghanistan. At the moment, only a small number of individuals have now received/applied for tourist visas but as it stands there does not seem to be any special COVID-19 related requirements for obtaining a tourist visa.

There are no restrictions on entering Afghanistan once you’ve received your visa. Unlike many countries, they do not require a negative coronavirus test to enter, although airlines may require you to show a negative result to board the plane depending on where you are boarding.

Within Afghanistan, there are essentially no COVID-19 restrictions. The only place we’ve heard that is asking patrons to wear a mask is at the Kabul Museum. There are no social distancing or mask rules, and most restaurants and attractions are open for visitors.

When leaving Afghanistan, you will need to show a negative coronavirus test. The test must have been done in the last 4 days. This applies to all airlines including but not limited to Kam Air, flyDubai, Emirates and Turkish Airlines. The airlines all have a list of approved testing centres and can be obtained from the airlines directly. The testing centre that we’re currently using takes roughly 8 hours to get the results back so this means guests will need to get tested in one of the few days before departing.

This good news means we’re now able to organise private independent tours immediately catering to your needs. Our independent tours are designed exactly to meet your individual requirements suiting any length of time or budget.

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