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6 Books about Travel and Self-discovery to Read in 2024

Craving an escape or a deep-dive into personal growth? Discover enthralling reads focused on travel and the pursuit of self-knowledge. These selections range from powerful memoirs recounting profound voyages to thoughtful musings on the essence of the human condition. Prepare to be transported on a stirring literary expedition that offers both a route to inner transformation and a remedy for your wanderlust.


Top Book for Trip

1 Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig

Are you on a quest for literature that merges the thrill of travel with profound self-exploration? “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” stands as a seminal work that promises to broaden your horizons. Penned in 1974 by the esteemed philosopher Robert M. Pirsig, it narrates the poignant voyage of a man and his son, Chris, accompanied by close friends, trekking from the landscapes of Minnesota to the Pacific shores of California. What unfurls is a narrative that diverts from the beaten path of typical travelogues, steering readers through the protagonist’s profound ruminations rather than just geographical milestones.

2 The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

When London-native Helen Russell’s spouse landed a dream job at LEGO’s corporate office, the pair made the leap to Denmark. An accomplished writer, Russell took on the mission to decode the reasons behind the Danish reputation as the ‘world’s happiest people.’ Her year-long Danish adventure is packed with comical interactions and personal challenges. In her writings, she illuminates the key facets of Danish living that foster such remarkable contentment among its people.

The question is not only which travel book you will read, but also where you will do it. Physical books have a special charm, but they are inconvenient to carry around. Another way is reading apps. Mobile platforms for reading novels like Fiction Me will always be with us as long as we have a smartphone at hand. You can read whenever convenient, even if you didn’t plan it in advance. The application library is so large that it is simply impossible to read everything.

3 Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild is an enthralling narrative of travel and the pursuit of self-knowledge, chronicling the true saga of Christopher McCandless’s audacious departure from a life of comfort towards one brimming with exploration and self-reflection. This young wanderer traverses the length of America, basking in its natural splendor while on a mission for personal clarity. Krakauer masterfully interlaces the adventures that define McCandless with contemplations on the magnetic pull of the uncharted and the human drive to find purpose. Into the Wild invites its audience on a gripping voyage of the mind, confronting the intrinsic idiosyncrasies of our nature and the profound craving to understand one’s true self.


4 On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac’s seminal work, “On the Road,” stands as an emblematic narrative that paints a picture of travel and the quest for self-knowledge. Embarking on a zigzagging odyssey across the American continent, Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty epitomize the spirit of the Beat Generation—a group yearning for the unorthodox and striving for personal evolution. Narrated through a sequence of escapades on the open road, the protagonists not only traverse the vast expanses of America’s geography but also traverse the profound depths of their own consciousness. Their journeys are a rebellion against the rigid confines of society, igniting a passion to unearth the authenticity of their beings.

5 What’s wrong with you? by Ana Bakran

Ana’s tale is one of ambition and a quest for liberation, hailing from the heart of Croatia. Faced with tribulations in her business, she found a silver lining – a path to actualize her long-cherished aspiration. With a spirit unbound, she embraced the road less traveled to Bora Bora, her thumb extended to the kindness of strangers. This odyssey was not just about traversing the globe; it was an expedition of cultural immersion and encounters that enriched her soul. 


6 The Beach by Alex Garland

“The Beach,” penned by Alex Garland, offers an enthralling tale that draws readers into the tumultuous world of wanderlust and introspection. Through the eyes of Richard, a nomadic spirit, we explore the hidden corners of Thailand, led by a secret map to an undiscovered slice of heaven—a secluded beach. This paradise, however, isn’t free from the shadows that chase us even among sandy shores and hushed waves; it’s speckled with the deep imprints of complex human emotions and the stark realities that follow our search for a perfect escape.


Cracking open a book is just like setting off on an epic journey. It stretches our minds, showers us with fresh perspectives, and sparks moments of deep thinking about who we are. In the current literary landscape, there exists an abundance of travel-related and self-exploration literature. Loads of writers love to spill the beans about their adventures and all the nuggets of wisdom they’ve picked up along the way. With such a vast array of choices, how can one discern which books are truly enriching? Asking fellow book lovers for their recommendations is still the best way to find those hidden gem books.

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