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5 things to do in Pago Pago

Pago pago, the capital of American Samoa

Pago Pago is the capital city of the American overseas territory of American Samoa. If you charter a flight with Talofa Airways then it is possible to stop here for two hours, before boarding again and flying onwards to Tonga. We fully appreciate that this might seem somewhat frivolous, but as country collectors we wanted to to be able to tick American Samoa off of the visited list. Here’s the top 5 things to do on a two hour layover to American Samoa:

Grab a beer at the airport

There’s a bunch of shops next to the airport, as soon as you clear customs go grab a sandwich and a few beers. You have not truly visited a country unless you have a beer. Whether I have been to Sudan is now up for debate.

Driving Tour of Pago Pago

This should be number one, but the rest won’t make sense unless I put it here. Two hours is more than enough to drive from the airport and go exploring the ONE ROAD that makes up the capital of American Samoa. If you have your license, you can even drive.

Stop at the waterfront

Pago Pago has a beautiful waterfront and it is possible to just stop as and go for beautiful waterside photos of you and your group in Pago Pago.

Visit the most controversial McDonalds in the world

McDonald’s can be quite controversial, not least when you build one on some of the most prime real estate in a country (yes I count American Samoa as a country). or can read more on this story here.

 Time travel!!!!!!

When you fly from Samoa to American Samoa you go back in time 24 hours, which means you get to live the same 2 hours, 2 days in a row. That is right the exact same date and time twice. Make them count…

And that is what you do on a two hour layover in Pago Pago, American Samoa

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