YPT Productions

Since 2008, we have specialised in taking you to the most unique, remote and adventurous places on earth. We have also made it possible for various media companies to visit and film; not only in North Korea, but to many other off the beaten track destinations.

Our strong relationships in these places can open doors that are generally closed to most media, and we are well versed in helping you obtain the unique access you need. Our dedicated media team specialize in the consultation, planning and logistics necessary for you to get the most out of your trip. You’ll find examples of recent projects we have been involved in below.

No matter the scale, our collaboration could make your project or idea entirely possible; so to get the ball rolling, get in touch.

North Korea

DPRK 360

In 2014, we began our partnership with Aram Pan of DPRK360. Through 360 photography and video, this well known project showcases the lesser seen side of the DPRK. Our ongoing collaboration has seen world firsts in terms of what is allowed in North Korea, and will continue through 2016. Link

TVB (Hong Kong)

In 2015, Hong Kong’s biggest television channel arranged and implemented an extremely successful and popular travelogue show in North Korea. We arranged all permits, permissions and logistics and accompanied the film crew internally to handle issues on the ground and assist with the filming. The show was so well received that in February of 2016, ourselves and our partners Cuban Pioneers arranged a similar project with TVB in Cuba, to be shown later in 2016.

Atlas of Beauty

The Atlas of Beauty is a project by Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc to document the beauty and diversity of women from different parts of the world. In 2015 we arranged for Mihaela to visit North Korea for her project, taking care of her permits and also arranging her itinerary in the country. The resulting photos were featured in various outlets including The Guardian and also went viral in China and Vietnam!

Overlander TV

In 2013, travel filmmakers Overlander TV visited North Korea. We arranged logistics and permissions for the trip, which became one of their most popular pieces. The success of the collaboration opened doors and built trust in a time when it was much more difficult for media to visit. Link


Ghost City Project

In 2015, we provided logistics and planning for a movie project from a USA film company. The trip began in the Chinese ghost cities of Ordos and Kangbashi, before continuing in the historical capital of China, Xi’an. The film is currently in post production, and we look forward to the release of the final product.

Eritrea and Somaliland

Africa Project

We are currently in the pre-planning process of bringing international media into Eritrea and Somaliland to film travel shows. We’re very excited to be involved, but that’s all we’ll say for now!