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We also go to Tibet!

I wish I could write more posts, more of the time, rather than punting out so many in such a short time, but I am a little excited about our upcoming Tibet tour!

Tibet generally is second to North Korea in how busy it is for us, but we always run 3-4 tours per year here, at least one of which, summer I like to guide.

Now whilst North and Tibet are not comparable in many ways, from e restriction point of view, they actually are a little, with you have to be part of a group, with driver etc, also needing a permit!

But it is their differences, and similarities that actually make them perfect for doing as part of the same extended tour, with the sky train even dropping us conveniently in Beijing for the 24 hour train journey to Pyongyang. If you have ever wondered how long is the train from Beijing to North Korea, then that is your answer!

Tibet is great, it has a culture, it has a way about it, it has history, oh and believe me rather than the lonely planet…..a great nightlife….