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Vegetarian in Papua New Guinea

Can you travel as a vegetarian in Papua New Guinea, or as a vegan in Papua New Guinea? The good news is that whilst both are fairly alien concepts within the country, one can manage it a push.

What is the cuisine of Papua New Guinea?

We will give the cuisine of Papua New Guinea its own article, bit overall it is very rich in things like taro, sweet potato, yams and regular potatoes. PNG also uses a lot of greens and vegetables with meats on an everyday level being seen more as a treat.

Meat though is regularly eaten, with mu-mu pork, as well as chicken being staples of the diet of Papua New Guinea.

Thus makes being a vegan in Papua new Guinea difficult when it comes to meat based feasts and you might well need to be flexible when it comes to things such as mu-mu, where all of the veg is cooked in the same place as the pork.

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Papua New Guinea

There tend to be three types of restaurant in Papua New Guinea, western, which are vegan and vegetarian friendly, local restaurants which will do vegetarian and vegan, but you will need to explain things and street food.

Street food is generally gotten from a Kai Bar, which is a street food stall that is a bit like a fish and chip ship, but without the fish….

Here you can buy some truly great chips, as well as taro and yam, which thankfully come with salt, a rare commodity in. Papua New Guinea.

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Vegetarian in Papua New Guinea – survival tips

Snacks tend not to be all that readily available in the country, so if you are a vegetarian in Papua New Guinea then one of the best ways to survive is to go to a supermarket for snacks, with most having an array of Australian style snacks.

And then there is the famous pies of Papua New Guinea! Sadly most of these are meat, but there are also cheese ones, as well as fully vegan friendly potato pies, which also make for a great breakfast.

Vegan drinks in Papua New Guinea

It’s all about the firewater

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