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Turkmenistan Independent Tours

One of the most closed countries in the world, with even fewer tourists every year than North Korea, Turkmenistan is a truly unique place. Far from the beaten track, you will spend the entirety of your time in Turkmenistan being in awe of something, whether it be the “Dictator’s Playground” as Ashgabat has come to be known, the giant flaming crater called the “Gates of Hell”, the futuristic, unfinished, ghost town of a beach resort, Avaza, the incessant statues and pictures of the President and the former President, or the spectacular and completely untouched natural phenomenon of the Karakum Desert.

If our dates don’t suit, the itinerary isn’t what you’re looking for, or if you’d simply prefer to travel alone, please contact us to arrange an Independent Tour. The types of tours that we can tailor for you are endless, including but not limited to 4WDing, hiking, natural sites, sporting, cultural, ancient cities and many more. If you have any suggestions of what type of tour you’d like to do tell us your idea and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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How about adding an extension to your trip to Turkmenistan? 

  • Day trip around Ashgabat – Explore some of the sites of Ashgabat that aren’t on the regular itinerary. These can include National History Museum, the Presidential Museum, the Carpet Museum, part of the Walk of Health, the cable car, or anything else that takes your interest.
  • Arriving/Leaving from Dashoguz or Konye Urgench borders (Uzbekistan) – Once a thriving metropolis, this ancient city has been destroyed many times over the centuries, but is still home to some of the most interesting mausoleums and buildings in Turkmenistan.
  • Merv and Mary Day trip – Merv is the oldest and best preserved ancient oasis city along the Silk Road. Now UNESCO listed, several areas of the city are able to be visited, each part showcasing a different aspect of the rich history of the area.