Yough Pioneer Tours

Travel junkie/weirdo?

Well my last week has been thus, Tuesday night boarded a 28 hour train to Hangzhou, to stay in a grotty last minute hotel for the grand some of RMB 100.

Liked Hangzhou overall, before taking the fast train to Yiwu for the football, Arsenal vs Greentown. Awful game at 1-1, and only 20,000 people braved the very expensive tcikets and heavy rain. Was very good being with the traveling Gooners though I have to say!

Yiwu was, erm well interesting, interesting in how boring it was, one bar, lost of industry, and a massive Arab community doing some kind of business there.

Then on to where I sit now, Shanghai, and my first visit here, despite being in China for 5 years (for shame!). Mildly impressed so far, but living in Beijing, and Xi’an, liking Shanghai would feel like becoming a Spurs fan, so I will hold off on anything nearing too much of a like. At 8 quid a pint as well, I may need to start selling more Budget tours to North Korea, before I could actually call this home……..

After this I am straight to Beijing for the North/South Tour seeing the DMZ from the North and south sides of the peninsula, before perhaps one day at home (Xi’an), before we have the summer tours to Tibet, closely followed by Arirang.

I need to buy some more t-shirts.

Although I love doing tours, its nice to do something different, Shanghai for example, but this Pektu tour coming up is something I am super excited about!

Hope to see some of you there!!!