Yough Pioneer Tours

Tour update

Well I feel like I have not been blogging enough lately, so thought I would drop a little plug for our July Tours.

We have about a week left for those still wishing to join the July Summer Tour to North Korea, and about two weeks for those wishing to join the North&South Tour, where we see the DMZ from both sides of the border town of Panmunjon in a barmy 4 day period. This is a really interesting tour with numbers bumping up every day for both.

Shan will be the guide for July Summer Tour, as I will be watching the mighty Arsenal playing Hangzhou in Yiwu, but I will be guiding North&South Tour.

Still a few places left on the August Arirang Tour, although not many! That being said lots left on the prequel week in Tibet, which we only have a few signed up for, but is looking mighty great, if I do say so myself! I actually love doing the Tibet Tours, which end up being more a labour of love rather than business, but great add-ons and really complementary to the DPRK.

Anyway, I ramble, and am not actually sure who reads the blog……Hope to see you all soon!