Young Pioneer Tours

North Korea 2018 Tours


Young Pioneer Tours proudly presents an early sneak peak to our highly anticipated 2018 North Korea tour schedule. We have added lots of very exciting new tours to our program, as well as all your firm favourites at the very best prices! Group tours are accompanied by a western YPT guide. Follow us on Facebook to stay tuned as we add more tours shortly!

To encourage friendships and good times amongst the group and our local Korean guides, we keep all our tour groups small; our groups are capped at a maximum of 24 people. Once we hit 25 people, we divide our tours into 2 different groups with their own vehicle, local and YPT guides.

As we like to say, “We do group tours for people who hate group tours”. All tours unless otherwise stated originate and end in Beijing, China, and all tour prices include entry and exit into the DPRK by train. We offer an upgrade to fly in, out or return starting from €100 one way with Air Koryo. Details are stated in the itineraries as applicable.

YPT charges an additional cost price fee of €50 to process your DPRK visa in Beijing. Every facet of the visa process is taken care of by YPT. Please see our FAQ page for more info.