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Chinese Ghost City Tour – Ordos-Kangbashi

YPT Chinese Ghost City – Ordos-Kangbashi Tours

Name of Tour
Start Date
End Date
Tour Extensions (these tours work best together)
Kangbashi-Ordos Ghost City Tour (April) April 9th April 11th €495 Beijing – Ordos – Kangbashi – Beijing 3 days Kim Il Sung Birthday Tour
Kangbashi-Ordos Ghost City Tour (June) June 7th June 9th €495 Beijing – Ordos – Kangbashi – Beijing 3 days Chairman Mao and Nanjiecun Collective Village Tour
Kangbashi-Ordos Ghost City Tour (September) September 2nd September 4th €495 Beijing – Ordos – Kangbashi – Beijing 3 days Grand National Day Tour

If you’ve ever spent any time in a Chinese city you’ll be well used to the throng, walking the night markets where it seems like every conceivable snack is on offer or pushing your way through people trying to sell you things outside train stations. Kangbashi is different, and it is almost a welcome novelty having almost a whole city square, a hospital, train station or apartment complex to ourselves.

Kangbashi ghost city shot to international prominence with a number of articles by Al Jazeera and other international media. Having grown rich overnight on the profits of coal and natural gas, by 2012 the money had run out and the city was in high levels of debt. Kangbashi, therefore, is not an abandoned city but a new city waiting for people to come.

After intense government efforts to move people into Kangbashi, there are debates about whether it is slowly filling up or whether most of the residential complexes and office blocks are destined to remain empty. What remains true though is that built for a population of 1 million there are still only tens of thousands of people there, and it is not going to shed its ghost city moniker any time soon.

The YPT Kangbashi ghost city tour is a chance for us to explore the urban infrastructure in varying levels of completeness. It is a chance to explore and as tourists, you can have input into exactly what we do. If a building or particular complex catches your eye we can go and check it out!

This is a very interesting trip which can be done at one of our planned extensions from our current tours, or as a flexible independent package escorted by one of our expert YPT guides. Flying from Beijing is just over an hour but from June 2016 it will be possible to take high-speed rail for an added cost.

Note: For those wishing to start or finish in a city other than Beijing, please get in touch.

Independent Tour Prices

Price per person
Other Details
1 Person €945 Beijing – Ordos – Beijing – (2 nights, 3 days)
2 People €665
3 People €565
4 People €535

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